How often do you change batteries for your Zwave sensors?

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Depends on usage. I have two of the exact same sensor, one on a door we use alot, the other doesn’t get used that often. The first I replace annually likely, the later I have yet to replace.

You can pull the battery info and display as a sensor and then provide an automation to notify you if it goes below a threshold. The sensor has to send battery data though, this is often in an attribute. See below for turning the attribute into a sensor with a template sensor.

This is another method

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I used a Vision 8101 Garage Door Detector for a year.
Is it possible that it shows 100% battery?

Some of my sensors show 100% until they are ready to die, then they drop quickly. Other seem to drop over time.

Any average examples how often do you change batteries of Z-wave sensors?

How to setup z-wave sensors to extend battery life?
I have heard about reporting intervals. However, if I set longer interval, how does it affect efficiency of e.g. motion detectors and other sensors and get knowing HA of the motion or temperature change?

I have several Z Wave sensors. The one I’ve had the longest is my garage door tilt sensor that I’ve had since august of last year and have never changed the batteries. It still shows 80%

the rest I’ve had between 6 to 8 months and are still at 100%.