How often does home assistant check my GPS location on cell phone?

I signed up for the home assistant cloud. This added my phone as device tracker (device_tracker.pixel_3).

When I selected his under my person and assigned my wifes phone to her person and we both left the house at the same time. My person showed not home 7 minutes before hers did. Only1 zone, home, is setup.

This got me wondering, how often is my location being updated and can I change that?

device tracker

No and yes…
As far as I have understood it the app gets new data when the phone does.
The app does not ask for new data unless forced to.

So if you use a GPS based app, like Google maps or Waze etc. then the frequency of updates will be higher.
If the phone is in sleep in your pocket then it gets less updates.

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For home/away detection I’d recommend using a static tracker, like Bluetooth based trackers. Those will update far faster for home/away. I use monitor, and there’s a long thread about it on the forum.

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