How often does the iOS app send a location update?

Hey all, thanks very much for all your help so far! This community is amazing!

I’ve done some googling but it appears the iOS integration for HA is relatively new and I can’t really find much info on this.

I just restarted HA and I had to manually send a location update from my HA app for it to recognise I was here. How often does the iPhone send across location updates to HA?

The iOS app uses significant-change location service that updates only when there has been a significant change in the device’s location, such as 500 meters or more.

This is kinda odd then - two iOS devices haven’t sent a “home” update and don’t appear on my HA UI. Is that normal?

Can I set HA to request a location update somehow?

Yes, the little up arrow on the app sends location updates.

After updating the app on my wife’s phone from the beta to official, it took about a day for location reporting to work. not really sure why. The manual update wouldn’t work either. But once it started I haven’t had an issue since.

What version of the app are you using?

I updated to the newest version as of yesterday through the app store (ver. 1.0.4) and the location updates are working way better than the previous versions.

I just downloaded the apps so it’s gotta be the latest. All my iOS devices are on the latest software too.

It was odd… didn’t work but once I oneshotted locations to the server it’s been fine since.

Out of interest how do these presence updates work for people who have set up alarm systems? Or is it better to just have a simple alarm on/alarm off flag?

Just trying to think ahead and ask for best practise really.

I don’t know if I’m supposed to have done this, but I added the ios: line in my configuration.yaml and it finally recognized the phone after manually sending the update.

I also had trouble getting the lat/long settings right in the config and couldn’t get the “home” circle to be on my home until I pinpointed where I was on the iphone.

Not sure how the automation ideas I have for the phone being here are going to work if there’s a delay. I was considering creating an “all off” automation when both my phone and my wife’s phones weren’t here, and that would include solenoids locking down the windows and doors automatically, and blinds being closed, etc.

Not sure what to expect yet. This is my first day with HA.