How perform HTTP POST Commands


I am currently using tasker on my android phone to send source, volume and power commands via HTTP Post to my analogue amplifier (a seperate device receives the HTTP posts via IP which then forwards it to my amplifier via the R232 interface).

It is a pretty simple thing and I was wondering how I could realize it in HASS.

I just need to send a specific command e.g. [DEVICE>POWER=ON] to an IP and port (e.g.

I would be grateful for any advice.


This might help you out.

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Try looking up calling scripts with the RESTful API I think that’s what you are looking for here.


Did you get HTTP_POST working, from Hass?


I tried briefly, but failed. 1h later I found another solution for my device, which had nothing to do with http posts…

Sorry, that I cannot help you here…