How remove old devices from ASUSWRT (V2021.5.5 HASSIO)

Hi guys, for the last hour trying, I could not find any where to remove the an older device tracker that no longer use from the asus router. I no longer use known_device.yaml (already deleted and not in the config folder). [Solved]

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It should be in known_devices.yaml in your config folder

known_devices is deprecated, isn’t it?
Also, in my setup ASUSWRT has old devices which are NOT in known_devices.

So, again - how to delete old devices?

Look in the hidden folder

search in these files

i dont remember the exact steps, i just search and remove all entries i found related to the one i want to remove and reboot the host (not just restart HA). and it disappeared. Remember to backed up the files you plan to edit just in case.

Yes, there are entries in some of these json files and I can remove these data.
But this is rather a hacking, not a programming.

Unfortunate, but as device trackers do not implement a unique id (which would be trivial), there is no way to delete them via the GUI.

I guess it’s an oversight that will be fixed at some point.


What i know is you need to stop Home Asisstant first.
Then remove the entities from the files.
Then restart Home Asisstant again.

Deleting from a running HA is not the way

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