How shutters are displayed in lovelance

Hi, guys,

my installation has been running for a good three months now, in this one I was able to gain some experience. Unfortunately I am now facing a problem, where I ran out of search terms :wink:

I put my KNX controlled shutters into the yaml configuration of HA and tested it in the UI.

Unfortunately it only looks like this

then I tried to solve the whole thing via “templates”, unfortunately the same result.

I would like it to look like this for now. (or something like that)

what i could also imagine would be single buttons, which i put together myself by custom-card, css & co.

i hope you can help me

Please post your configuration. This should work as expected normally.

Hi, thanks for your reply,

- platform: knx
  name: "cover_og_schlafen"
  move_long_address: '3/0/6'
  move_short_address: '3/0/7'  #STOP
  position_state_address: '3/0/8'
  travelling_time_down: 51
  travelling_time_up: 61


entity: cover.cover_og_schlafen
type: entity

Any log errors?
Doesn’t your actuator support a position_address?

i have now tried an “entities” card instead of an entity card, now it works, thanks