How split long String data from IR receiver?

Hi, I have nodemcu V3 and IR receiver.
I use the sketch IRrecvDumpV2 from IRremoteESP8266 to decode the data from the AC remote control, I receive this string from my remote control:

Power: On, Mode: 1 (Cool), Temp: 26C, Fan: 1 (Low), Turbo: Off, Quiet: Off, XFan: Off, Ion: On, Light: On, Swing(H): Off, Swing(V): On

I want to split the string to store the name and the state separatly to send the data to the mqtt and the HA.

How can I split this data ?

It is json. Use a json library.

Hi where did you learn it’s a json format ?

The presence of colons and commas. Json usually seems to have more quoting, but I am not sure the quotes are compulsory.

I would use esphome with the remote receiver component

actually json should have more quote.
The code use String for the data.
Their is a strtok command to separate a string I didn’t try it yet.
strtok() function