How stable is as of now?

Just bought a pi3 and installed rasplex on it. I already have the pi2b and use it for my HA.
I’m playing with the thought of installing on my Pi3 just to play with the new concept.

Is it stable or just a waste of time to try as of now? Does anybody use it as a permanent HA-setup?

I’ve only just started using it and have found it very good. Tho it does depend on what you want to use it for.

I have a few DHT22 and PIR round and just use it for tracking at the moment, tho i have just bought a wifi led bulb, and am looking to get a SONOFF or two.

It messages me when it’s too hot in rooms.

I started using it a few days ago on a VM. I can just shutdown the VM and run my dockers if anything goes wrong, but so far so good. In fact weirdly it’s fixed a few ZWave issues I was having, don’t understand that one yet.

So yeah, stable to use, but It’d be silly not to have a backup.