How the new device tracking is supposed to be configured?

I’ve migrated to the 0.94.3 and noticed that in the release notes that they are deprecating the old device_tracker component. The thing is that when I delete the known_devices.yaml file I can no longer see any entities/sensors giving me the same thing that device_tracker did.

I’m using iOS app and I can see all the sensors that it’s proving. I’ve also added ssdp: and zeroconf: to the configuration.yaml.

Can someone explain how it is suppose to work now? Because there is nothing useful in the release notes and the docs are saying only that device_tracker has been deprecated.

device_tracker has not been deprecated. There still is a device_tracker component and will continue to be so. However, the way it used to work, specifically how it interacted with device_tracker platforms/integrations, has changed. And not all device_tracker platforms/integrations have changed. Only some of them have, the rest are currently classified as “legacy”, and work the same way they used to, including the use of known_devices.yaml. You need to read the documentation on the particular platform/integration (i.e., type of device_tracker / presence detection) you’re using to understand the correct way to configure and use it.

Remove the owntracks platform from the device_tracker component and add a new owntracks: component. If you were using owntracks…