How theme the person-device tracker chooser popup

I am trying to push a PR to the slate theme where I am trying to theme the following popup, which is the device chooser for person It seems to an iron-list. Not sure how I can theme this? Any help?

I posted in the development didn’t hear back, trying config if anyone here can help! Thanks.

use the following guide to find out where your colors are coming from

Thanks but I already tried that before posting. I think its an element that is not theme-able at the moment. also since the popup is transient it makes it really hard to find the element. which is why i posted it on the forum.

not sure where you were looking but I found it in 5 seconds under the styles…


Grr…So did I. Dont know where I was looking before! Thanks. I have a few more elements I need to iron out… thanks for the pointers!

Use the filter text field, in styles. Makes it much easier. Probably just glossed over it. Also, when in doubt just start hiding colors with the checkbox. Makes it easier to find quickly.

Based on what I can see this field isn’t styled is this a bug?

wrong element, its on the pick device to track element

Sorry I already got that (thanks to your help)

this another element I am trying the style the black on the dark background ins’t very readable.

Also have a problem with the mdc_dialog which I cant seem to skin…

Thanks for your help so far!

Found them after much digging around.

  material-background-color: "var(--paper-listbox-background-color)"
  material-secondary-background-color: '#515151'
  material-body-text-color: '#adadad'
  mdc-dialog-title-ink-color: 'var(--primary-text-color)'

The other is a defect that is fixed, will be out soon