How to access files from Home Assistant Supervisor

Hello everyone,
I am running a Supervisor version of HA and want to adjust some files.
However, to adjust them I need to access them in the docker container.
I can do so via bash terminal. But I cannot stop HA before modifying the files because as soon as I stop the server, the docker container is closed.
In addition, if something goes wrong and HA does not start, the docker container is automatically closed and I cannot easily restore the backup configs.

How do you guys do it? Is there a way to run this docker container even with a broken config file in ./storage? And is there a cleaner way than a bash terminal to access the files?

Thank you all :slight_smile:

I’m using (and probably many others) the file editor add-on (Supervisor Store).

I found out that VSC allows editing the files if you remove the hide settings.
However, still not sure how I would undo something if I messed a file up. The container will not be accessible. HA and therefore VSC or File Editor will not be available either (obviously).
It wouldn’t even be possible to load a snapshot because you cannot access anything.