How to access Home Assistant from external?

I want access homeassistant from external.
Then, what I have to do?


Read the documentation.

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Have you ever set up port forwarding on your router to a device on your network before? The procedure is roughly the same, depending on whether you are running SSL on you HA instance or not.

@fabaff’s pointer would be the place to start.

Here’s a video tutorial on this topic:

Why take the risk of port forwarding? Just use a VPN, much more secure. A lot of routers support Openvpn or IPsec. I have my phone constantly connected on my VPN. All traffic is going trough this VPN. Also much more secure for unsecure wifi networks (not only for using homeassistant).

thanks everybody.
I solved problem!

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Good to hear. It’s always nice to give a short explanation of what you did so that it might help someone down the line.

I sovled by port forwarding.
To tell the truth, I already tried port forwarding before uploading question.
By mistake, I used internal ip.
So then, I thouht the problem is not on the port forwarding.
It is my wrong.

Now, I catch my mistake, and I use ‘external IP’.
Finally I finished external access.

So, I can solve this problem by port forwarding.
Thanks everyone!

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And thank you for sharing the solution!