How to access InfluxDB CLI from within a virtual machine (Synology VMM)

Can anybody please guide me to a piece of documentation that explains how to access InfluxDB CLI from within Synology VMM (my HA running in such a VM).

All I found was describing how to do so in a docker environment.


If you run influxDB as an addon, it actually runs in a docker container.
If not, how did you installed it?

Thanks Chris,

I actually didn’t know about this detail (yet) that addons added via the Supervisor are a “docker” thing. But it makes sense.

Due to lack of time, I was not following-up on @koying hint to go down the docker road.

Now my influxdb database is running for months, growing bigger and bigger and I definitely have to start cleaning up things, change retention policies, apply map/reduce strategies etc. (which I wanted to do last June already).

But again, I am stuck at the first try with a simple docker container ls:

HA-Terminal – docker ls

So maybe someone can point me to the basics. I thought the SSH terminal (via the HA Web-UI addon or PuTTY) would allow me to do this.