How to access nest cam events

It is my understanding that the new nest integration allows HA users to see events from cameras? I cannot see how to know there is an event.
Any help would be appreciated.

My understanding was that now “person/sound/audio detected” are available as triggers instead of binary sensors. Or you mean that it should be possible to look at the events themselves? LIke the actual recorded videos?

Following, also interested. Can’t find the event integration yet in the new release for my Nest devices. Would love to get rid of the NodeRed flows that do this now.

Sorry - I thought I had responded to you, but I must have not hit send…

I want to get the notifications that something was detected - I cannot figure out how to identify the trigger.


I actually got it figured out - I was also trying to do it in Node Red - If I do events: all and listen for nest_event - I am able to see the events! Thanks.


I’m interested to get node-red working on this, but after following your advise above, I can’t see to be able to see any output payload.

Do you mind sharing your flow on this? Cheers