How to Access the My position info on the RTS Somfy remote with Home Assistant?

I have several Somfy Shades with Somfy Telis-4 RTS remote and Bond Bridge. I am able to set positions, open and close the shades in Home Assistant. I also have set up Alexa to control the shades with the Bond Bridge. Three of the shades are in a Group on the remote.

The problem is in set position for Home Assistant. Alexa knows My position from the remote (can use it in Routines) and sets all the shades in the group at the same position. I haven’t found a way to set the MY position in Home Assistant…it just works on %. Setting the % position ends up giving different positions for each shade, presumably due to the time base positioning in Cover being used by all three.

Does anyone know a way to access the MY position in the remote (with the actual settings for each shade in the Group) in Home Assistant?


The remote does not store the my position it is stored in the motor. I have managed to solve this very issue with ESPSomfy RTS. However if you are reliant on timing in HA there is probably way too much delay to get an accurate position.

Thanks for the reply. So there must be a command the remote sends to go to the stored MY position? Each blind in the group knows where to go. Was there an RF command you send to your blinds to go to MY position? Or maybe I don’t understand your system.

Yes the command in 56 bit RTS is the my command which is also the stop command. If the motor is moving it will stop. If the motor is at rest it will move to the stored favorite then strop. With some 80 bit motors there is a separate stop and favorite command. ESPSomfy RTS supports both methods and it listens for remote commands including those initiated by a group.

I don’t have a bond but I suspect that the HA integration is managing the positioning. The is likely way too much latency to get accurate positioning.

To set the my position you must send a long press of the my button. This equates to the my button sent plus at least 25 repeats.

I had posted my question on the Bond Forum as well, and surprisingly got a very similar answer for the Bond as well:



The way it work is that Home Assistant would expose the Preset action. (Deep link to docs: Bond Local API)

A hacky alternative would be to use the Hold action, which HA may already expose as a “Stop”, because for RTS it sends the same signal as Preset.

I will give this a try and see what happens

@rstrouse I am happy to report that the Cover:Stop Service used when not moving, moves all 3 blinds in my group to the correct My position originally set in my remote. All three stop at the same height. They were as bad as 5-8" different using the time-based motion control.

I have several automations now with complete control of my blinds in HA!

Many thanks.

Awesome! Glad I could help.