How to access to HA from outside despite blocked ports

Hello guys
I can’t find a way to access to my HA from work so I am reaching out to the community, I’m sure you’re smarter than me!
Here are the constraints:

  • my ISP is blocking port 433 for security reason:

IP traffic sent to customers on ports TCP 25, TCP 80, TCP 443, TCP 445, TCP 1080, TCP 6667-6669, TCP 1433-1434, TCP & UDP 135-139, TCP & UDP 67 are blocked for security and network management reasons to minimize customer’s computers from being virus infected through well known vulnerabilities and/or to avoid infected or hostile computers from affecting other users computers.

  • my company is blocking EVERYTHING but ports 80 and 443

I think I’m close to a solution but couldn’t get it to work:

  • I have a Synology NAS. I know it’s possible to have a redirection through Quickconnect but not on ports that are not used by the Syno.
  • I have an OVH domain name. I tried the hidden redirection but no success
  • Any other option that I have?

I assume you’ve asked them to unblock port 443, and considered changing ISP?

You could use Nabu Casa, or a VPN.

Yes I asked them, they told me that only the professional account can have access to 443…
I have a VPN, but have honestly no clue where to start to set it up… I’ll google it to see what I can get…

Another free options (can be of security risk)-

  1. Ngrok addon - made by ThePicklenat0r
  2. Trycloudflare addon - made by keatontaylor

Note: If you use either of the above add-ons, you need to enable reverse-proxy based on HTTP Integration by adding this following line in your configuration.yaml-

  use_x_forwarded_for: true
    -  # Add the IP address of the proxy server

You can use port 80…
Port 80 can also be used for https if you need it encrypted…
Just set up ha to use ssl and forward port 80 to 8123 on the router
and use
(you need to specify:80, otherwise it will assume http)