How to access Token in Home assistant core

we create vm in android mobile devices and install home assistant core and access in same mobile device it work fine but we need to control in out side the device but not get the token .
This same thing work fine in home assistant supervisor but it on windows server Not installed in mobile device show some error.
how to access token in Core
we use this
“type”: “auth_required”,
“ha_version”: “2021.5.3”

If you’re real, please point us to some doc on this, because I find it hard to believe.
Besides, what you ask doesn’t make sense to me, which makes your post even more suspiscious.

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HI Koying
We have already achieved home assistant core setup in rooted android device, but now we need add-ons to install file editor or vs code to call third party Apis.

  1. You spoke about a vm install. Curious to see your setup here
  2. As it’s a VM, I assume you mean HAOS? Because you cannot install addons on an actual Core installation
  3. Installing “File Editor” to call API doesn’t make sense

Bottom-line: Still not convinced you’re human