How to accumulate/reset badge counts?

I can set badge numbers in the ios app when certain notifications are received. Is there any way to accumulate such badge numbers so that they match the # of received notifications?

Also is there any way to reset such badge number when opening the logbook in the ios app?

Thanks in advance!

Reset is noted here in the docs (Introduction | Home Assistant Companion Docs) but I’m wondering if and how I could increment the current badge number in my service call.

According to the docs I can only set a new number.

I was thinking of incrementing the counter with every notification sent. Anybody knows how that’s possible?

Tried few things including

service: notify.all_devices
  title: 'ℹ Test'
  message: Test 123
    subtitle: New
    subject: New
      group: test-notification-group
      channel: test-notification-group
      badge: +1

…but without success.