How to acknowledge a triggered alarm

Dear All,

My question may sound stupid, but after several happy years of usage, I still do not understand how to acknowledge my alarm alert when triggered.

My set up is the following:

  • overkiz integration to control my Somfy Home Protect alarm
  • a virtual alarm is automatically created and linked to this
  • homekit integration to control all this stuff from my iPhone

When the alarm is triggered (because my wife forgot to turn it off), I can see the red warn flashing in Hass UI but nothing happen if I click on disarm, except this kind of warning log (the alarm has been already disarmed from physical remote):
2024-05-05 14:47:22.623 WARNING (MainThread) [pyoverkiz.enums.general] Unsupported value 608 has been returned for <enum 'FailureType'>

The situation is the same from Apple Home app point of view : there is no way to click on an alert in the UI.

My actual solution to clear the event is to reboot hass from app …

What do I miss ? Do I need to create a custom config to allow alert acknowledgement any time the alarm is disarmed ?