How to activate a Fingerbot and receive a photo from a webcamera?


I’m new to Home Assistant. A friend asked me to help with the following automation task.

There is a device that should be turned on remotely from the local network. About a second later, a photo of the screen of the device should be taken and somehow delivered to the person who triggered the button. Ideally, the triggering process should not involve any internet services (Tuya, IFTTT etc.) to avoid delays.

So, to activate the device, we could use a Fingerbot (or a Switchbot, but Fingerbot seems more suited). To take a photo, we could use a web camera.

Would it be possible to make a simple one-button action for a user to run both those actions? For example, to open Home Assistant page and click a button and get a photo back to the same page or receive it in an email or upload to Google Drive etc.?

I’ve seen some posts mentioning Fingerbot integration. Do I need their Bluetooth gateway or would it work with a Bluetooth dongle? Would it work when running Home Assistant on a Windows notebook? As I understand, some addons might not work in some installation modes, but I have no idea if Fingerbot and webcamera triggers are addons or not.

Of course, it would be even better to make it work on a smartphone through some kind of a webserver app running on the phone that can trigger the Fingerbot and also take a photo, but I haven’t found any out-of-the-box solutions.

Very possible, i receive a snapshot from my doorcam when the doorbell is rang.
You could use something like this

The blueprint uses an entity:
domain: binary_sensor
integration: esphome
So you might want to take out the esphome part, so you can use any binary-aensor…