How to activate the IR pulse for a multical 21 Kampstrup water meter?

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Does anyone know the command / tool / needed hardware to switch on the “one IR puls per 10 liters” signal for Kampstrup multical 21 water meters? By default the water meter has a bidirectional IR interface for dedicated commands, but there is also a way to “just” switch on the option for get an IR puls for every 10 liters of water. When buying the ridiculously overprized pulse adapter this is part of the setup process, I guess the device sends the needed code once to the IR port and switches the meter to “PULSE ON” mode. As the hardware needed to read the IR pulses is basically an IR diode and a esp8266 I’m really unwilling to spend 160 Euros on the official pulse adapter just to get the meter into the right mode…

I was wondering if there is a known command that I can send via a few lines of code in a generic arduino IR sender library to activate the pulse mode.

Thanks a lot in advance :slight_smile:

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