How to activate Tuya Zigbee Sensors?

Is there now support for the Tuya Zigbee sensors?

When will the support for the sensors start?

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Pair them with Zigbee2MQTT or ZHA. They work fine in HA with those integrations.

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Now i got a Tuya Gateway and Tuya Zigbee Sensors.
Which USB do i have to buy? Can i use a CC2531?
which firmware must be installed on the CC2531? What do I have to watch out for when I buy the USB? Are Zigbee 3 devices all compatible with each other with the stick or is there something I have to watch out for? Is the CC2531 compatible with Zigbee 3

Should i buy this one


this one?

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The Cc2531 amazon link is a scam. The same device you can buy on ali for 8 € or less. The conbee is a good device. You can also consider buying a sonoff ZbBridge and flash it with Tasmota.

People buy the CC2531 because it it the cheapest way to try out ZigBee, since a preflashed CC2531 stick can be bought from Sonoff for less then 4€, but it is only good for small networks or if you have a lot of devices that act as routers.

ok thank you

The device is definitely so cheap on Aliexpress - but it’s also good.

The CC2531 is designed for approx. 30 devices. Which device do I have to use if I want to integrate more Zigbee sensors? How many sensors does the Conbee 2 support and can you also operate Tuya sensors with them?

What do I do if the range of the cc2531 or Conbee is too low. Are there repeaters?

Thanks again you know your way around very well and help me well :slight_smile:

Here is a discussion of various adapters :

For Zigbee, in theory any mains powered device can work as a signal repeater. Although you can buy dedicated repeaters ( e.g. the Ikea signal repeater ) or build them yourself ( a CC2531 OR CC2530 flashed with router firmware)