How to add a camera to hassio?

I have a hacked Xiaomi xiaofeng camera, with rstp and ftpd servers open. I can see the streaming in VLC, so it is working. But I am not sure how must I do to integrate it in hassio. Is better to configure a Xiaomi camera platform? a ffmpg platform? add a picture-entity card? I am confused…

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  - platform: generic
    still_image_url: https://root:[email protected]/cgi-bin/currentpic.cgi
    name: foyer
    verify_ssl: false
    authentication: digest
    stream_source: rtsp://dafang.lan:8554/unicast
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With this code, adding a picture entity card, when I click on the card, I can see the live camera stream. THANKS. Now I Will take a look on how get still images, (better if I can choose when), where to save it (camera SD card is perfect) etc. Just a question… video is recording somewhere? Because the camera is recording on plugged SD card, and I don’t want home assistant recording too…

No ha is not recording.

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