How to add a picture from internal storage of the Pi to the webpage?

Hello there, I’m new to Home Assistant and coding in YAML and I would appreciate it if I could get any help with this.

Can’t seem to be able to add pictures into my UI.

I tried adding this but it didn’t work:

homeassistant.xHome_Demo: # xHome Demo is the name I’ve given to the system
picture: /local/logo.png # I have added logo.png to the www folder

Is there anything I am doing wrong?

You can use the Generic Camera for a picture.

Or if you use the new Lovelace UI, there are several cards to show pictures.

hi, I’ve managed to add pictures (replacing mdi icons) to my entities in the customize.yaml file

where I really want to add a picture is right at the top next to the words “xHome Demo” but I can’t seem to figure out where and how to do it.