How to add a remote shelly device connected to a complet different network

I have some shelly devices in my house. and office. (two separate locations)
Now if i forget to turn off a device open the shelly app and turn off the device.
but is there a way to do this via home assistant.

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I am not a 100% sure what you mean, but ha has the shelly integration and with that you can control tha shelly devices via ha mobile app or web access…as long you have a ha server on each location and access to each of them…

oke thx i didn’t know that.

Do you have separate networks? Then you need to bridge them — or access the device via the cloud (not my preference) as stated above.

I have shelly Plus Humidity and temperature devices at two remote locations.
The locations don’t have home assistant and I can’t bridge or VPN to the networks.

How can I easily get the data from the devices?

Ideally I’d like to access the data from the Shelly cloud data.

Would like to get it working aswell. I got shelly uni in remote location with mobile internet, can access it with shelly cloud but would like to integrate to HA.

Did you ever get anywhere with the remote UNI into HA?

Same on my side. Got an Shelly HT in the camper with a mobile router. Access per Cloud is possible but I prefer to handle the device in Homeassistant. Will be easier to configure actions or automations. I´m not able to use the Hass Shelly integration without destroying my actual implementation.