How to add a sensor to an existing device?

I recently added a Govee water sensor to my arsenal. The sensor is read in by rtl_433 and was discovered by rtl_433 mqtt auto discovery. Only after setting everything up did I find out all the shortcomings of rtl_433 mqtt auto discovery but I digress.

The auto discovery added a device Govee-Water-xxxxx with two sensors, time and battery. Note the missing binary sensors for water and button. I added the two aforementioned sensors manually. Now I have two orphaned sensors.

Is there a way to tuck them under the existing Govee-Water-xxxxx device to clean things up?

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Not unless you can add them to the discovery message.

Iā€™m a total noob at this.
Is this something I can do manually or was your answer rhetorical?

Hey everybody!
I want know as well. How can I add a sensor to a specific existing device??