How to add a tuya based ceilling fan


i want to add a tuya ceilling fan to HA. The integreation with tuya local almost succseful, an a the moment i can turn on/off power. But i can’t turn on the fan or select any steps from 1 to 6 or anything like this…

there are so much fields …i dont know what to choose. (see pic below) Can anybody help me to start this fan working, dancing, turning around or whatever

Several of us are having issues and unfortunately there’s no easy answer: Local Tuya - Fan Controller - #13 by Sergeantpup

Methodically trying them one at a time has unfortunately been the most successful.

thx for your answer but when u compare my screenshot with yours u can see that i have more/other opinions to choose…!?

exactly and they’re all different based on the option you choose during setup that you cannot change. That’s exactly my point. You are using DPS 63 for a different device with different functionalities. The end result is still the same, if you are sure that’s the correct DPS for your fan, then trying all the combinations of settings (even the ones that don’t make sense) is the way a few of us have been successful. There’s no guide to give you the settings for all the different devices.

ok understand but i’ve allredy tryed all the combinations of settings with no success :frowning: