How to add a z-wave node to a controller from the HASS UI?

Hello, I am totally new to HASS.

Steps done so far:

  • After installation, the cmd command “py -m homeassistant --open-ui” has started successfully the local server.
  • In “configuration.yaml”, the only change done was adding a “vera_controller_url:”, which successfully displayed in the HASS UI all the added nodes to the Vera controller.

Now, I would like to be able to trigger node inclusion from the UI. However I don’t know how to run the add_node service. In the UI, when I go to Developer Tools > Services, the “zwave/add_node” service is not present in the drop-down menu with services. When I manually write in the Service field “zwave/add_node” and press the button “Call Service”, nothing happens.

So my questions is: What command I need to send or how I can setup the service in the configuration.yaml so it shows in the drop-down menu with the available services.


Have you set up the Zwave platform? The service won’t be available until you do.
You won’t be able to initiate an add-node on the Vera from HASS.

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