How to add additional packages in

I’ve got 3 Heatmiser NeoStats that show up as climate devices but don’t update their data once first loaded (although they will do other functionality like setting the temperature from Hassio), using the Homekit controller component in Hassio.

The Homekit controller page says "You may need additional packages to support the HomeKit Python module: $ sudo apt-get install libgmp-dev libmpfr-dev libmpc-dev"

My understanding is has no command line option, so how would I get the additional packages loaded?

You don’t

Are you sure they aren’t already loaded in HASSIO? Most things are.

The packages need to be added to the Docker container, most likely the HomeAssistant one :slight_smile:

Could anyone explain how to do this?

This is the most frustrating part of using HASSIO – for example, I cannot use the Raspberry Pi Camera component because raspistill (provided by the raspberrypi package in Alpine Linux) is not installed!

Why the Hassio developers would leave this package out of the official HASSIO Raspberry Pi 3 image defies explanation

Most things are not

I find most components actually are there already…

Except for the RPi camera … or LIRC … just to name a couple

So you’ve found 2 components out of the well over 1000…

Why not install a better OS if you want more control?