How to add conditions to alerts?

I want to have different repeat and delay times based on presence.

The following will alert when my door remains open:

    name: Door is open
    title: "Front Door"
    message: "Door is open"
    entity_id: sensor.nuki_door_state
    state: 'Open'
    repeat: 1
    can_acknowledge: false
    skip_first: true
      - mobile_app

Problem: when nobody is at home, I’d like to get the notification already after 1 min.
But if anybody is home, I want to delay the notification for 10mins (and discard it if door has been closed meanwhile, not showing any alert at all).

Is that possible? I know I could achieve this using a normal automation, but that does not feature a repeating notification. Thus I’m trying to use alert for it. But how can I add conditions?

Create an automation that sets an input_boolean immediatly when the door opens and nobody’s home, and delayed if someone’s home.
Trigger the alert on that input_boolean.

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So as direct conditions in alerts are not possible, this is probably the solution to use boolean input states.