How to add grafana datasource?

Hello, I want to add grafana datasource mqtt-datasource to grapana installed by supervisor. As with plugin, I added the datasource to list of plugins in config file, but it does not work and gives an error.

Is there other way how to install datasource?

certfile: fullchain.pem
env_vars: []
keyfile: privkey.pem
  - vonage-status-panel
  - mqtt-datasource
ssl: false
Error: ✗ Plugin not found (Grafana v8.3.4 linux-amd64)
[10:57:00] FATAL: Failed installing Grafana plugin: mqtt-datasource

Update: I have found several mqtt datasources on github and if I want to install it, I need to look for proper name in package.json file. Anyway, none of those I found could be installed, some caused grafana to crash during start.

You can only install plugins listed on the official grafana website: