How to add Hivemq broker to Home Assistant?

I am trying to add a Hivemq to Home Assistant according to the instructions
I add the configuration to the configuration.yaml file but in the dev tools I get an error about bad configuration

My configuration looks like this

    broker: b0834badc8dа
    port: 8883
    username: iot123
    password: Iotpass1.
    certificate: /config

Here is the error I get when checking the configuration. What am I doing wrong?

Support for YAML configuration of MQTT was removed, you need to set it up in the UI.

The problem with third party guides is that they’re often outdated and misleading.


Sorry for the stupid question, which section of the mqtt documentation should I look at? Do I need to install Mosquitto broker for this?

No, you don’t need the Mosquitto broker.

You want the configuration section, right at the top, where it says:

Adding MQTT to your Home Assistant instance can be done via the user interface…

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