How to add Ikea Fyrtur binds for use in Node Red using mqtt

Hi All

I am struggling to get my Ikea smart blind configured to work in node red so i can do a basic automation (when sunset/sunrise then close/open). I have the blind connected to HA via Zigbee2mqtt and it does move when I click the open/close state buttons in the device’s ‘exposes’ menu within the Zigbee2mqtt integration.

I can’t seem to even find the blind to get it to operate using Node Red’s Call Service node as the it doesn’t have an Entity Id for position/or open,close. I am assuming that i will need to add the blind into my configuration.yaml to make this work but I have no idea how i structure it. I have played around with ‘covers’ in config.yaml in file editor with no joy.

I would greatly appreciate any suggestions any of you have. Sorry if this is a basic thing but i am only a week into having HA so am a completed Noobie.

Thank you in advance. Jim