How to add new Homematic devices into Home Assistant after initial setup?

I have a working Homematic setup, which looks (essentially) like this:

      port: 2010
      resolvenames: json
      port: 2010

This works fine, and all Homematic devices are picked up and can be used within Homematic.

However, it seems that new devices, which were added to Homematic after the initial setup ran, are not picked up automatically. So far, I couldn’t find a way to trigger re-dicovery of devices.

Is there an adviced way on how to do this? So far my work-around was to remove .storage and start from scratch, since I have most of my data in version control with YAML files, but obviously this is not really a good option. Shouldn’t there be a “rediscover” service for the Homematic component?

The entities should be available almost immediately after you have paired them to your CCU. However, they won’t have the nice entity names because you can’t rename them quickly enough on the CCU. To get the nice names you have to restart Home Assistant. Besides that, there shouldn’t be anything you have to do.

Keep in mind, depending on your lovelace configuration the entities simply will not be displayed because your UI-configuration does not reference them. But you’ll always see them in the entity-overview once they have been created. However, since you resolve the names you should restart Home Assistant in any case once you have set the name you want on the CCU. Adding them in lovelace with the old entity IDs and then restarting HA obviously would break the reference again.

Well, in my case they don’t appear at all - not even with a default name.

Even restarting Home Assistant didn’t help to get new devices, neither with the nice and/or default name.

That seems to not be working on my end :-(.

Any recommendation on how to debug this? I don’t see anything in the logs, but not sure if I can increase the verbosity for the homematic component?

Then there are only 2 possibilities:

  1. The device you are trying to add only generates events, which is handled in this section of the documentation. In that case everything would be fine and you just have to listen for the relevant events in your automations.
  2. The device is not supported. Not all devices work in Home Assistant. If you share which device it is I could look if it should be working.

Okay, thanks for the input. I will try to trigger events by interacting with the devices once I’m back at the site.

I’ve added two devices:

  • Homematic IP SRH (Fenstergriffsensor)
  • Homematic IP WTH-2 (Wandthermostat)

Out of curiosity: How is it that other such devices work just fine and are imported during initial setup? At least from Homematic point of view the devices look exactly the same and are detected / working correctly.

I have many other such devices running (exactly same model, etc.)

The two devices you have mentioned should create entities, and they are both supported.
I wasn’t aware from your statement, that other devices of the same type are working, while these specific ones are not. Hence the two assumptions above.

So in your case there seems to be some other problem. To get the most debug-output, put this into your configuration.yaml

  default: warning
    pyhomematic: debug
    homeassistant.components.homematic: debug

Maybe put just one of them into debug mode at a time, otherwise you’ll get a lot of messages.

reviving this thread since it might be related to my issue. I’ve got a system up and running (switches and some heating elements), now I added two HmIP-eTRV-B (never used them before), but they don’t show up. I’m using raspberrymatic and I can control all (old) devices via home assistant.
There are two homematic ip related log entries when I start home assistant:

Logger: homeassistant.setup
Source: /usr/local/lib/python3.9/asyncio/
First occurred: 15:02:43 (1 occurrences)
Last logged: 15:02:43

Setup of homematic is taking over 10 seconds.
Logger: pyhomematic._hm
Source: /usr/local/lib/python3.9/site-packages/pyhomematic/
First occurred: 15:02:43 (1 occurrences)
Last logged: 15:02:43

Skipping init for homeassistant-ccu2

Unfortunately I don’t know if this is the cause or even what to do about it, but what I read online is, that at least the skipping init shouldn’t be an issue. Does anyone have an idea what to do?

Those two log messages are irrelevant for you problem. Can you confirm the climate-entities that should have been created are missing in the entities-overview? And even more important: what does your configuration.yaml look like? If you only used old devices before, you’ll have to add the interface for HmIP.

Please excuse the delayed response, somehow I was wondering why no one answered I obviously missed the notification.
I checked again and somehow it came up a couple days later after an update for raspberrymatic, no Idea what happened there.