How to add OpenZWave manufacturer_specific files?


I’m just getting started with Home Assistant and I am trying to migrate my Z-Wave network to my new Hassio installation. My network is composed of an Aeotech Zwstick gen 5 controller, Leviton Dimmers and Switches - which are working fine - and some Leviton VRCZ4 Controllers which HA doesn’t recognize.

I found the parameters for this device on Open-zwave’s github repo, however I don’t know how to include it to HA. Does anybody know how to do this?

Ideally I want to include the manufacturer_specific.xml file to my Zwave integration, but adding it to the configurations.yaml file under zwave: config_path is not working for me…

Thanks for your attention!


You would want to use the HA fork of the OZW project. The files you linked are for OZW 1.6 which are not compatible with OZW 1.4, which HA uses.

You would download and extract the config files to a directory on your HA config directory (or use git to clone the project). Then you would edit the downloaded manufacturer_specific.xml file and add the missing product. Then set config_path to that directory where the config files are located.

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Thank you! It worked