How to add PIR motion sensor to HA?

Dear All,

I am pretty much new to Home assistant. I have installed hassio on Raspberry 3 and done few basic automation. I have bought SecuFirst motion sensor (Model: ALM314P), which automatically sync with IP camera, when it detects the motion, camera sirens and captures the video.

I wanted to add this sensor to home assistant and when it detects the motion, I wanted to switch on the lights as well. I don’t know, how to add this sensor to home assistant configuration.

The question may sound very basic. Any help on this will hugely help.


It looks like it might be a wifi connected device but the documentation doesn’t seem to exist to verify that.

How does it connect to your camera? is there a webui to configure it in any way?


There is an app where you can configure and pair the sensor with camera. It is just pairing.