How to add sensor to Area

i added to configuration file the new item - power switch; can I somehow place that switch to specific Area?


  • platform: orvibo
    discovery: false
    • host:
      name: light


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Find the entity in your entities list and add it to the area after clicking on the entity.

configuration → entities

hi, thanks but it doesnt work… it says

This entity (‘switch.light’) does not have a unique ID, therefore its settings cannot be managed from the UI. See the documentation for more detail.

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Then there’s nothing you can do as that integration does not supply entities with unique_ids

well maybe i can extend config? to make a unique id for it? dont know

Nope, you cannot. It’s not an option for that integration. There’s nothing you can do other than make a feature request to have that integration updated to support unique_ids.

is that a bug and has to be updated ie code has to be updated…?

It’s not a bug, it’s a feature request. The functionality for that integration doesn’t exist, so it needs to be added by adding the code to the integration.

bug = unintended error blocking an exiting feature from working properly
feature request = desired functionality that is missing from a feature

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