How to add soil sensors

hello, I connected 10 capacitive soil moisture sensors with Arduino mega+esp-01 and for eachwe need to connect relays separately and I don’t know how to do that. beginningYou are an excellent support for someone at your level.

I want to add 10 independent capacitive soil moisture sensors and relays connected to them separately.

What sensors do you have?

I have 10 capacitive (v2) soil moisture sensors and 10 pumps, 8+8+4 relay , 4 peristaltic pumps, 2 l298n motor drivers, 1 PH module, dht1 ds3231 miçrophone module and 3 nodemcu, 1 mega 2560 etc modules. I can also get the missing ones. Please can someone who knows shed some light on my path?
What I want is to simply display the soil sensors and automatically irrigate at 30%. Let the reservoir display ph and do adjusted ph dosing and fertilizer dosing

Which ones. Christ is it so hard to answer a simple question?

Are they wifi? Or zigbee? or LoRa? Or what?

I’m guessing you have basic analogue output sensors so you will want to look here.

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homeasistant is installed on pc and everything is connected with wifi. Sorry for not being more clear to you. I was very surprised that you helped me. I didn’t expect it. Thank you again. Now I repeat my question. I have 10 soil moisture sensors (V2). There is 1 analog pin on nodemcu. How can I connect these sensors on a single nodemcu at the same time? It would be great if I could do it with arduino mega +esp01, but I couldn’t connect with esphome, I couldn’t add a sensor. I have relays for 10 soil moisture sensors and 10 independent water pumps that work with their triggers. I think I can automate them if I add them to the home screen. This is my only obstacle, please forgive my ignorance.

What type? Can you point to the page that shows specification? There are many variations. Is it I2C connection?

IF the sensors are analogue then you will require three ADS1115 boards. Which handles up to four sensors for each board and connects to the ESP board using I2C two wire protocol.

Please reply to these specific responses.

@sparkydave my next project. Thank you for posting this link!

my soil sensors:örü-1-kanal-5v-röle-modülü/1-share.jpg

Instead of buying 3 ads1115, I can’t use it with arduino mega+esp01. i couldn’t get esphome

ESPwroom was used in the project in the link, how can I connect the card I have (nodemcu 12-F MOD) as it connects 5 adc?

Using a esp32 will give you more ADC s.

See ESP32 Pinout Reference: Which GPIO pins should you use? | Random Nerd Tutorials - there are 18 ADCs on a esp32

i have espwroom usb socket is broken. I soldered the new socket and it broke with the ways. if i can save it to esphome i can upload code with wifi but i don’t know if that is possible without ttl converter.

If you have esphome on the device, and it was compiled with ota:,then you can upload new firmware with esphome.

But hell, they’re cheap.

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