How to add solar paner sensor as solar production source in 2021.8 version?

Hi people

I got a Solarprofit Inverter (spanish company), integrated as sensor template in HA.
(basically doing a REST sensor, then extracting the data from the output with a sensor template, device returns a comma separated string)

Is there a way to flag this sensor as a solar panel production?

or do I need to create a full integration as inverter?


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Create a template sensor from your rest sensor. The template sensor can be used in the energy tab.


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Thanks Francis
That helped to steer me to the solution

It needed several changes: moving to new template mode, adding state_class, unit changed to kWh, last reset value, etc

Now waiting for it to show data in the dashboard to see if this value makes sense

  - sensor:
      - name: "produccion_solar_total"
        state: >
             {% set power = states('sensor.inversor').split(',')[1]  | float %}
             {{ power /100}}
        state_class: 'measurement'
        unit_of_measurement: 'kWh'
        device_class: energy    
          last_reset: '1970-01-01T00:00:00+00:00'

Hello Javier,

I am considering to install Solarprofit inverter, the integration with HA is working? what data are you able to obtain from the inverter?


hi Diego

it is working fine since then.
you can pretty much import any of the values displayed in the DUT webpage

I would say that specially interesting (besides production), is that you can also monitor the device state, in case there is a grid fault, or it stops working for any reason

Data that could be imported:


Hey Javier,

What is this DUT webpage? i have the Solar Profit Monitoring but didnt get instructions for a REST api.

Please let me know which is the website thanks!

Hi Gerardo

This is from the serial monitor device they install to the DUT, the installer that came home, did not have much (or any) info about it.
After they configured the wifi, I scanned the IP, found the web page, and reverse engineered the access method, and the URL that provides the information. The IP was what my DHCP Server assigned (I changed to statically assigned afterwards)

Also, you WANT to access it, as they left it wide open, with open SSID being broadcasted at full power, so it is something you should configure and secure :slight_smile:

The URL should be: http://DUT_IP/status/status.php


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Hi Javier,
Thanks to your comments I could access to my DUT, but how can I integrate it into HA, is there any integration plugin already?
How can I make the AC to start if I’m generating more power than I’m spending inf the temperature of the room is over 25º C for example?

Best regards

Hola javi, me podrias ayudar con la configuración, hace poco que me han instalado las placas y estoy interesado