How to add Vertical-Stack-In cards, others?

Still very new to HA, so much to learn!

I’m trying to add a VSIC as a row in a Grid Card, but don’t see how to select it. I’ve downloaded and installed it from HACS, but I can’t see it as an option when trying to add it. Spent many hours searching the forums, google, etc, to see what I’m doing wrong, missing, examples others have used, etc - all without success. Same thing for some of the others I’m trying to incorporate (Text Divider Row for one).

Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks!

Some custom cards may only be added in yaml.

Just to clarify Ildar’s response a little… When adding cards to the Dashboard you will need to select “Manual Card”.

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Okay, thanks - makes sense now. Have wondered what the Manual Card option meant. . .
No fears with yaml, just lots to still learn

Thanks to you both

I usually select any card like “Alarm control panel”, switch to yaml and then type whatever I want.
Or - some other case:

  1. Need to add custom:mini-graph-card quickly.
  2. Select history-graph, add your entities.
  3. Switch to yaml, edit ))

i.e. the thing is that some standard cards may have similar options as your custom card.

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