How to add wall light switch to group.all_lights?


I got couple Yeelight bulbs that are automatucally grouped into group.all_lights. I addedd wall switch for another room to control light by hand and by HA. Now I would expected that wall switch will be also in light group and all my automations like “turn off all lights if nobody home” would include new light control device. However I got new entity “Switches”, and group group.all_switches.

Can I add somehow this one switch to group.all_lights, or better add group.all_switches to group.all_light? If yes, how?

Create a new group called my_lights and add everything you want to it. The all_* groups are exactly that, all lights or all switches, not mixed, just system groups of everything in that domain.

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Have you try defining the wall switch as light in configuration?
Depending on what wall switch you have, you may have to use template/script for it in the light module.

Its Aqara Wall Switch connected trough gateway so no direct config in HA. Creating new group and modifying a little automations will be the solution. Thanks.