How to add Yeelight nightlight device via Homekit

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I have bought this new Xiaomi Yeelight lamp (Yeelight ChuXin A2001C550 Star Edition 50W AC220V Smart Ceiling Light) which is great but comes with some downsides.
At the moment this device is not supported with the Yeelight app. Without the Yeelight app I don’t know how to enable LAN support, because as far as I know, it’s only possible through this app.
I have plenty of Yeelights in my house and they support a special nightlight mode, which gives you a nice light in the evening without being too bright.

I added this device via the Homekit Controller Integration but it’s only creating one device, where I have two devices with the LAN option.
My question is: How can I add nightlight support via Home Assistant? At the moment I can only set the nightlight inside the Xiaomi Mi Home app, but this app sucks and it’s not comfortable.
So for me multiple solutions would be acceptable:

  1. An option to enable LAN support and control it like the other devices
  2. add the nightlight device via the Homekit Controller somehow
  3. some dirty hacks with webhooks from/to Xiaomi Mi Home App


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Thank you that would be great if it would be working like that. Unfortunately I don’t get it what params you mean to set where.

I have installed the miio-cli and I was able to retrieve the token. So I was able to switch on off with the cli, but where do you want me to set those params?

I found it:

miio-cli yeelight --ip <ip of the device> --token <token of the device> set_developer_mode 1

And it works! Thank you very much!