How to adopt the Olimex POE board without wifi credentials

trying to, but I seem to have encountered an issue with where it writes the files. terminal reports

Wrote flamegraph data to '60-2022-09-15T11:04:56+02:00.svg'.

but I can not for the life of me find it…
I entered

./py-spy record --duration 120 --rate 100 --pid 60

as before though. Has something changed maybe we need another version of py-spy these days, or enter the path into the command to have it write to /config ?

--output /config/run.svg should work

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files sent, thx!

Thanks for the py-spys. How did you disable bluetooth?

I see the esp bluetooth proxies in both dumps.

Edit: disregard. the non-bt ones only have esphome traffic which was hard to separate out. It just happened that the profile without non-bt was captured at a time where the system was actually busier than the bluetooth one.

Noticed regex compiles where happening over and over in your templates so

Still looking through them…

same for the Bluetooth integration, via the integration panel.

not sure if I understand you correctly, but, the non BT profiles shouldn’t have any ESPhome traffic, as that was completely disabled.
I have the ESPhome add-on uninstalled completely, in both situations, so that couldn’t be it either.

I use those a bit yes, but should I be optimizing there? Any specific regex template Id be looking for? I use it in the frontend, and in the backend, so any suggestion you might have to go on would be appreciated.
The switch-off of the BT stuff though was most evident, and that is ofc including all regex templates I have elsewhere

O, btw, should I keep the protobuf-3.20.2-cp310-cp310-linux_x86_64.whl in my /config folder?

There isn’t any esphome traffic in the non-bt ones. Sorry for the confusion. Its just that is was busier which was initially confusing.

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You can delete this.

cool, thx.

It would be good to get another non-BT profile set as it was likely just bad luck that it got taken at that time.

this really surprises me because at the time I made those, the processor was at 4-5%, so I believed it to be very calm…
but I asm already setting those up, and disabling the BT parts again, coming up!

Maybe there is some confusion since the without bluetooth 300 svg had some aioesphomeapi calls in it

really odd, because when I search for esphome in the non-bt files 300.svg, I dont get a result, opposed to the BT 300.svg, which does show the purple result:

just to be sure, the NON BT files were taken before the BT files, so we can check that on the timestamp of the files…

Looks like some type of problem (caching?) with dropbox. When I download them locally I don’t see the aioesphomeapi flame in the Without BT. Works fine when I copy them out.

side question: are Hue BT Bulbs supported on the new Bluetooth integration? My current already paired bulbs dont show up, but if yes, I would love test a few new bulbs I still have around!

The bluetooth integration is only a framework for integration to build on. It doesn’t support any devices by itself. There isn’t a hue bluetooth integration in core, but I can’t say for sure if there isn’t a custom one.

so, If I receive my Switchbot and Govee thermometers and VocoLinc door sensor, I first need to install their core bt integrations and then adapt?
good to know, I would have been hammering those buttons…

second No BT files shared. please check if this is what you need

As soon as you enable the bluetooth adapters (via the bluetooth integration) or esphome, it enables bluetooth discovery which should trigger the discovery of those integrations.

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and its back being busy, even more than before. Ofc, I now have 2 (…) devices connected, a Door sensor (the one from the release party VS1 by VOCOlinc, and a Switchbot thermometer WoSensorTH. No need to point where I added the integration and devices again:

Thanks for the profiles. I’ve got some ideas on how to further improve the performance in 2022.10.x, and started a PR here