How to Allow Family Users to Unlock Door via NFC on Cellphone

Hello, I successfully added an NFC tag to unlock a door lock. I used my cellphone with Companion App to read the tag, then created an automation to lock/unlock - which works fine. How do I add the same functionality to my wife’s phone? She has a Companion App using her own “user” account. NFC is enabled on her phone, but nothing happens when I scan the tag with her phone.

I do exactly that and have never had a problem: it just works.

I’d start with posting your automation YAML.

Thank you. Here is an example. Works great on my phone but doesn’t work on my wife’s. Nothing happens when I scan phone across the tag.

alias: Front Door Lock Tag is scanned LOCK
description: ""
  - platform: tag
    tag_id: ad4d9cfc-18a2-48c0-8c0b-5ad06bf9bd9b
  - condition: state
    entity_id: lock.front_door_lock
    state: unlocked
  - device_id: f143467e0fc856a7389293735ec00398
    domain: lock
    entity_id: lock.front_door_lock
    type: lock
mode: single

Does the phone indicate it sees the tag at all? You’re absolutely positive NFC is enabled/actually a feature the phone has? The phone is unlocked?

I’ve never actually used this feature, but in Settings–Companion App–NFC Tags I’d try reading the tag (and maybe even write a new one).

Hello, thanks for helping. The phone has NFC enabled and is used for purchases. Also, in the phone’s HA Companion App I can “read” the tag in the NFC Tag area.

Iphones and Android handle NFC differently.

Mine and my wife’s phones are both Android. I feel like I’m missing something simple.

Revisiting this post because I still haven’t figured it out. Hoping others might have ideas?