How to analyze MariaDB

Hi, I switched my Homeassistant to MariaDB. Now I am wondering how I can analyze the database. I would like to find the entities with the most entries to reduce the size of the db by excluding them. Where is the save path for the database?

from the outside… I use phpmyadmin which gives me table views and SQL access and many MANY more

Inside HA…You can try to use SQL integration but many people struggle with this and it only allows 1 query per sensor

Thanks! And where can I find the database file? So I can download it from my raspberry?

I use docker so my db is in a container volume … not sure what / how you set it up
But phpmyadmin only requires the IP, user and pwd

Thanks I will try that.

So there is no possibility to download one database-file to an external drive and analyze it?

There are a bunch of files, one for each table, you could export it but then you would need phpmyadmin to make it easy…there are probably also CLI options but I never looked at that.