How to apply attributes to picture entity card overlay

Screenshot 2024-03-20 at 10.10.15

I have a picture entity card displaying tonight’s dinner, but I want it to display the text form of the dish as well.

As you can see from this screenshot, the data is available in the attributes.

type: conditional
  - condition: state
    entity: sensor.is_meal_planned
    state: 'true'
  show_state: true
  show_name: true
  camera_view: auto
  type: picture-entity
  entity: sensor.mealie_todays_meal
  name: Dinner Tonight
  camera_image: camera.mealie_todays_meal_image
  aspect_ratio: '3'

If you need to show additional info - you will have to change a design/card.
Like picture-elements + markdown.

I tried using a picture element card but it doesn’t like the URL http://mealie:9000/api/media/recipes/{{states(‘sensor.mealie_todays_meal_id’)}}/images/min-original.webp

None of standard cards (except markdown) supports templates.
Then try using same card as you are using now + place it in a stack with another card to show attributes.

Or try showing the templated image in markdown first, then review a design based on markdown.