How to assign enocean switch to area/ room?

Hi guys,

I successfully set up an entity for an EnOcean FT55 switch:

  - platform: enocean
    id: [0x12,0x34,0x56,0x78]
    name: Test Eltako FT55

However, I wonder how to specify the area this switch belongs to? There’s no configuration option for it?


Manually configured sensors can not be assigned an area.

Thanks for your quick reply Tom. Too bad this is not possible. Is it on purpose or just a missing feature?

Integrations are slowly being moved over from YAML to the UI, where they have access to features like areas.

Ok. Perhaps off-topic, but I always thought of the UI as a WYSIWYG editor for configuration files. It seems a bit odd to me, that the UI is actually more powerful than editing the configuration files dirctly.

Ha. You missed that epic discussion by a year.

There’s a lot of alarm-ism in that topic. A year on, the sky has not fallen. And I quite like some of the advantages that the change has brought. It still has some issues, but on the whole I feel they are outweighed.


Thanks a lot for sharing, Its too helpful and thankful for me, Really appreciate for the post.