How to auto start a previous build using service script?

Hi all, at the moment i’m running hass 110.3 but i would like to run 106.6 as it’s running on a rasp zero w and i’m trying to build a door bell. Is there a way to auto start the previous version. Here is my service file.

Description=Home Assistant



You can install a previous version from the home assistant CLI:

ha core update --version=x.y.z

Be wary of any breaking changes you have rectified as they will have to be reverted.

How do i update the core using raspbian? as i’ve tried pip3 install ha core update --version=0.106.6 but that does not work.

You did not mention you were running the core version. That does not have the home assistant CLI. Try this instead:

pip3 install homeassistant==0.XX.X

Yeah done that but its still showing version 0.112.0 do you know how i can activate the newly downloaded version?