How to automate based change on class of device

This probably falls into the category of blueprints but haven’t explored those and the one I tried using (Home-Assistant/CONFIG/blueprints/automation/Inovelli_Set_LED_Color.yaml at d81a4e1a5fc9608be4f2dd53378a40fdbda4e4b1 · JDIacobbo/Home-Assistant · GitHub) I had issues with (didn’t dig into it).

Short version is I have a number of Inovelli switches and I’d like to turn the led notifications off at night and back on in the am. Today I am doing this by adding both attributes for every switch I add to an automation (which is slow and error prone). I’d like to be able to do this with a loop and say for all devices that match this type do this (filtering to area could be nice but would be considered optional at this point). Have only recently started doing automations with HA so if there is a topic/guide I should be looking at, that would be greatly appreciated.

Could you label the switches and use the label in a single set value command?