How to automate camera.snapshot for a generic camera card


For reasons I’ll not go into, my CCTV system doesnt provide snapshot jpegs from the RTSP streams automatically.

How can I configure HA to automatically take snapshots from the streams every N seconds, and use these on the camera cards on my dashboard?

I’ve made an automation which calls camera.snapshot, saving the file to /tmp/camera_test.jpg but I dont seem to be able to set /tmp/camera_test.jpg as the still_image_url for a generic camera. As in, the card in the dashboard is just imageless

Any thoughts?


Rather than generating pictures manually, have you tried picture glance card with camera entity and camera view as live?

I haven’t!

I have now!

So this streams the cameras into the cards on the dashboard. Thats actaully fine - as long as its not a network drain? Presumably the streaming is only active when the dashboard is open and visible in the app/web?


Unless you click the preload stream box then it should only load the stream when you enter the view and my understanding is that in closing the view the stream stays active for a set period of time (can’t remember how long but it’s not a long time) before dropping the stream automatically.

Thanks both